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An attractive man of irish, italian, and other descents. This man is also very sexy and super cute! The man has a bubbly personality and hot ass. He is also usually considered to be a sexual dynamo cause women to touch themselves
"god i want my man to be a brennon'
by bridger66 May 10, 2010
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A really sexsual guy. Makes lots of corny jokes. Might be found annoying to others except for TWO people...His best friend🔥 and soon to be Wife 💍His life is an adventure. He loves being himself no matter what people think about him. His really talented. Most Brennon's are artist, writers , or guys who know how to play instruments. He ALWAYS counts more on his Best friend 🔥💯 His life is a big YOLO to him😈 He wants to have a nice family in the future , willing to spend his life with the girl of his dreams
Yo Brennon is so cute but stupid
by XXXTENTACION11117 June 09, 2018
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Brennon's are rude and sarcastic people. They have no filter and will tell how they feel. They will always give their honest opinion. A Brennon is a loyal and trustworthy person, who is not afraid to tell you if you are doing something dumb.
Brennon has been acting kind of rude lately.
by WednesdayBoii May 16, 2019
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A lemon, he gets butthurt really easily, he doesn't rely on the street code "bros before hoes " but overall all he's a cool person and a good friend......btw he's in FaZe ..... he's Faze Lemon
Dude he's such a Brennon

Ya totally
by Moded Maniac July 28, 2016
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