stick a wii remote up there. let it vibrate. get a perfect score on Just Dance.
I heard you and your girl played Just Dance.
Yea she got max points.
by Insert pp February 6, 2021
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sweet ass song by lady gaga. makes me want to party!!
dude this party sucks...

wait what is that song?

just dance?????!!!

by Torchhhh November 7, 2008
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Just Dance is a rhythm game series developed and published by Ubisoft. The original Just Dance game was released on the Wii in 2009 in North America, Europe, and Australia. Wikipedia
First release: Just Dance; 17 November 2009
Genre(s): Rhythm, dancing
Spin-offs: Just Dance Kids series, The Experience series, Dance on Broadway, The Smurfs Dance Party, ABBA: You Can Dance
Publishers: Nintendo, Ubisoft, Level-5
Developers: Ubisoft, Ubisoft Paris, Ubisoft Milan, MORE
by KamlaEmbid September 4, 2022
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one of the best games on the wii in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!! (:
come on guys lets go play just dance! YAY! i love that game sooooooooooooooo much! (:
by maddy (: April 7, 2011
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I game for people who try to become physically fit but will never get there cause their music is trash.
Omg just dance just made me gain 20 pounds, maybe it’s the Egyptian music.
by Suckmydock420blazeit January 16, 2019
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When you've played Just Dance so much that you get tired out
"Bro, can we stop playing Just Dance now? I'm Just Danced out!"
by GotNoChipsBruther November 25, 2019
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The dancing game with the menu song that goes "do doooooooo do do dooooooooooo do"
Just Dance 2015 menu music is sick bro
by signvelvety_official December 13, 2020
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