All Bruno’s can say the N-Word, they are sexy, loveable, gets all all of the girls, and have smoll peepee. Despite the smoll peepee, all of the girls love this Italian idiot
Bruno: I know, right I’m so hot 😎
by #brunogang November 11, 2019
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Person A: "Is Bruno worth watching on DVD?"
Person B: "No. It's shit."
Person A: "Okay, I won't bother then."
by Captain Birds Eye's Son December 17, 2009
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Bruno walks into the store and gets shot.
by GGXGANG April 8, 2018
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The act between two homosexual men where one rapidly plunges the ass of the other.
I’am so going to bruno you tonight..
by Infamous12345 July 9, 2018
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