A person who is arrogant and is in love with his computer so much, that he thinks his computer loves him back!
Dude, stop staring at your computer... you're turning into a Bruno!
by Diety CZ February 3, 2010
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That one kid who pretends to be gay but then turns out to really be gay.
"Hey do you like that kid Bruno" "no he is gay"

Bruno means gay and that is a fact
by Bruno hater September 7, 2019
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(v) - To vomit, upchuck, ralph, hurl, throw up, or otherwise orally eject the contents of one's stomach, especially in the context of a beer pong tournament where one has too much angry orchid.
Oh man, he just bruno'd all over the place.

Did you see him bruno back into that cup. I should win by DQ on this one.
by mattcosta7 January 24, 2013
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The ultimate pen merchant. If your friend scores 98 % penalties , he can be a bruno as well. Brunos are gays . Brunos never win trophies . Brunos dive and scream "aaaaahahhhhhhhh". Bruno can never be as good as kdbs. Brunos are just penalties. Penchester united will suffer for their sins.
He brunod his buttocks
by Zzinedine098765 May 29, 2021
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An older man that preys on younger women. Often Lies about having had a vasectomy and about his age... say a particular Bruno is 42, he would tell his prospective younger females he is 38. Brunos are typically scumbags. They typically work low-paying managerial jobs and hit on minimum-wage employees.
That damn Bruno got me drunk and knocked me up! He said he'd had a vasectomy!
by loveGAgirl January 5, 2010
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The area between the ballsack and anus.
Every time I take a step this bruno rash just gets worse
by MattJN May 27, 2008
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Bruno says “it looks like rain”, why did he tell us?
by Sasqatsh January 17, 2022
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