P1: we don’t talk abt Bruno no no no

P2: tf
P1: uncultured swine.
by •MiLdLy_ObSeSsEd• January 5, 2022
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He is a person that would treat a girl like the most important thing. He would never disappoint her and would do anything to make see her smile. Get yourself a Bruno, his kiss is one of the most wonderful things.
Damn I need to get me a Bruno!
by AlwaysSmilee May 8, 2017
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he’s ghetto and emo with long hair and stains on his jackets
“Bruno is a kid that doesn’t know how to take care of clothes
by Vanessa Reyes June 23, 2021
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We. Don’t. talk. About. Bruno.
by Cheesemuckster December 18, 2021
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Austrian gay journalist portrayed by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen (see Ali G, Borat). Hosts a fashion show and travels to such glamorous places as Arkansas and Alabama, cheerleading in American football games and making fun of fashion designers, hairstylists, et al. Appears on "Da Ali G Show".
Bruno recently visited a gun show in Arkansas where he asked why shooting is so popular among gay men.
by Natasha August 22, 2004
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A Bad Ass; One who is unafraid to be regarded as bad
That kid over there is a Bruno
by Johnnieh December 27, 2007
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He is very shy but in a cute way, he is tall, he loves his family so much, he is a good guy, he always makes plans at the last minute, he enjoys listening tu music and he will always be secretly in love with Valentina
Bruno is a simp over valentina
Bruno is in love with her but he won’t accept it.
Bruno is very shy
by Ana la goddess July 23, 2020
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