Bruno is the black version of bubba. Bruno is the 7'2 400 pound black guy that you meet when you first get into the slam. He tends to wear a huge grin, with his front gold tooth shining brightly as he grins at his new prison bitch. Advice : punch a guard. get solitary confinement. Or.. Find out why black people have large penises... Be scared!
Walking through the hall, one guard said to another, "I heard Bruno giggling last night, as he plowed that poor white boy mercilessly"

Nodding his head, his companion replied, "Yeah, i heard about that. I heard he said ' Imsa gonna make you my biatch lil boi. We brothas know hows to treats ya reeeeel good!"
by Kethry October 29, 2005
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He is a person that would treat a girl like the most important thing. He would never disappoint her and would do anything to make see her smile. Get yourself a Bruno, his kiss is one of the most wonderful things.
Damn I need to get me a Bruno!
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by AlwaysSmilee May 27, 2017
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A person with a lot of different colored Mermot jackets
That guy wears a different Mermot everyday he is such a Bruno
by Shomari Tomlinson January 12, 2009
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A Brazilian-Japaninze guy with a Big Ass Forehead and a Tiny Penis
by YEETFMLDFJHSUCCS February 07, 2018
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