3 definitions by xxxx_is_al1v3

The most, depressed, traumatized, alcoholic, drug addict, idiotic, stupid, selfish, bad person (or horse) to ever exist.

If you are a BoJack horseman kinnie, consider yourself sick, kinning bojack horseman is an illness. (I myself am a BoJack Horseman kinnie don't come at me)
"Dude! have you heard of BoJack Horseman?"
"The worst person-horse to ever exist who traumatized a lot of people, killed and hook up with the girl that viewd her as a father figure who uses his trauma as an exuse for everything who is a mess and doesn't know how to deal with themselves?"
"Yeah, that one!"
"Cool! I hope he dies!"
by xxxx_is_al1v3 January 4, 2022
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The person I'd love to fuck every night.
"I want to fuck your mom"
"I fucked your mom"
"I fucked shit out of your mom"
by xxxx_is_al1v3 January 4, 2022
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