A misspelling of bruh that gained popular use as a more comfortable, or reputable alternative to the aforementioned, initial slang. It can still be used when someone says something stupid or counter intuitive but perhaps in an ironic, new, and deeper meaning.
Dwayne: Rosa Parks is overrated for real.
An individual who disagrees with Dave, fuck, I mean Dwayne: Brug
by Naheel Marks July 31, 2019
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by Robinhood_xX October 12, 2020
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Bruh but it has more power in it
Your dad sold GameStop stock before it went up that’s a brug moment
by BrugCreator March 20, 2021
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A bro-hug, usually stemming from or the result of a bromance. A deligtful exchange of manly love, as everyone named Grace and Catherine know to be especially true.
after Brandon drove Ronnies nana to the hospital, a brug took place in the waiting room
by yeahyeahyeah12345 June 3, 2009
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Ah! A brug. The famous term.

What exactly is a brug? The age old question that has stumped many a human for centuries upon centuries of time unit. Well, guess what, buster? The day has arrived upon which man will finally pin down exactly what that age old word actually is indeedio my good sir(/madam(/posh word for a non-binary person)).

Yes, my good friend. A brug in actual fact is...

Basically just a water bottle filled with beer init.

Okay, so now that we hath learnedeth what a brug is we may now proceed to go about our daily lives as we had originally been doing but now with the added bonus of being able to know the official name for a bottle of water containing beer itself.

I bid you a-goodnight! Or rather a-good day if you are reading this in the day time. Okay, bye.
Hey Gareth, do ya fancy a swig o' ma brug? It's another name for a bottle of water that no longer contains water but now in fact contains beer.
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A Manly hug between two bros, bras or brosifs. Non bros or bitches are not excepted in the brug. For if a bitch hugs a bro the world would implode, thus creating a nothingness.
"Dude papa bear needs a brug"
"look at those two clearly not homosexuals indulging in a brug. Those are Bros"
" hey bro, that brug, gave me the biggest broner ever. your my brosif, and my bra. keep it real my bromosexual"
by Papa/Bear February 9, 2010
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A really cool Instagram group chat, that a lot of people talk about.
1- "Hey! Did you hear about the people in Brug?"
2- "Yeah! They're all really nice people"
by boltonbcy September 3, 2020
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