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The male version of a selfie. Males no longer use selfie due to the connotative thoughts that come with that word. Women take a selfie; men take a Broto. #BrotosNoSelfies
Just took my pre workout and I'm feeling jacked! Time to take a #Broto to let all these ladies see my gains!
by JonTheBeard May 23, 2014
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Photo's taken with your bros. Usually taken while intoxicated, not necessarily.
Adam: Yo this party's dope, let's get some brotos goin'

Max: I have a camera phone.
by keeneslackbirds December 22, 2010
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A photo with the bro's. Usually includes putting arms around each other, a finger point, and at least one dude throwin up a peace sign.
Jed: Dude I need a new facebook default picture, the one of me and my girl is gettin old.

Ryan: Use that broto we took last night, cant go wrong with a pic of 6 dudes as your default.
by longdongsilverman March 28, 2010
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bros whoroto together; a close group of friends who frequently smoke weed together.
Clayton: "Hey pass me the blunt"
Brian:" Sorry, only members of the broto can hit this blunt."
by brotob January 14, 2013
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A photo involving bros and only bros bro-photo. Generally is an odd picture and is taken solely for the fun of a "broto".
"Dude, I'm so bored right now."
"Me too, bro. Let's take a broto."
"With our penises...?"
"Fuck no."
"Then what's a broto?"
"Photo of bros."

by Broteam August 17, 2007
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from the lesser-known white boy wigger ebonics, meaning "photos of my fat white ginger ass with my 'bros' who are really just guys that were afraid I would eat them if they didn't get in the picture"
Dumbass: Check outthe new brotos?

by TheManWhoPuntedBaxter July 29, 2011
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