Clayton's often don't realize how amazing they are on the inside and can bring out the best in others. They protect and charish their friends and family until the very end. Clayton's are unique and one of a kind so it's unlikely to find anyone else like him. Clayton's are great listeners but often have the reputation to be rude and make snarky remarks. Try to stay on a Clayton's good side because they often hold grudges and have trust issues and time is the only thing to make things right between him. If you find a Clayton hold on tight and don't let go.
Clayton is full of surprises and always finds a way to make you smile.
by Anonymous.em July 14, 2018
The best boyfriend you could ever have. Never forgets to say he loves you. Has lots of energy at 5 in the morning and wants to do every position possible before the sun is even up.
I want to marry Clayton!
by puunkinpiee January 19, 2016
The most wonderful man ever in existance. He has amazing taste in music, food, and movies.clayton's are amazing kissers and one of a kind lovers. if you ever find one hold on tights, they're very rare.
wow, he's a total Clayton!
by Kira the Karma Cat January 13, 2009
Clayton is that one if a kind guy you'll only find once. They are funny, adorable, kind and caring. If you ever find a Clayton, you better hold them tight because you will never find a guy as amazing as him.
Person: this guy is so great! He's such a Clayton
by The-whale-leader June 15, 2018
He is a quiet out-going man who not everyone gets along with - even though he is one of the most loving and caring people ever! Claytons normally have dirty-blonde hair with sky eyes. The people that are lucky enough to ever meet one will cherish Clayton forever, with his bright smile and amazing laugh! The perfect girl is out there but may be closer to him than he thinks. The woman he will marry will have a name starting with a D because of Clayton's alphabetical mind that he uses to creat many things. Claytons are usally smart in many areas but do not take credit for much of their works, because of their humble nature.
Clayton is just so lovely and smart!
by tickler12 October 22, 2013
Clayton is one of the nicest most caring guys you will ever meet .He cares for his girlfriends and friends,he will take of you.I love Clayton!!!
Girl 1: "Clayton is so nice"
Girl 2:"I wish I dated him" <3
by Maddielovesign February 9, 2013
Clayton’s are usually hot as fuck. They are good boyfriends and great cuddle buddies. They are also great in bed. If you find one keep them close. They may come across as mean and rude at first, but give them time and they are the nicest people you’ll meet. They average between 6’3’-7”2’.
OMG, Clayton is so hot. I wish I could date him.
Clayton dicked me so well the other night.
by Big man aka moose April 18, 2019