A sexual act for young adventurous guys
While having sex in the doggy style position, grab hold of the girls pony tail tightly and as you are about to climax shout out the name of her best friend. You have to try and stay mounted to her as she twists, turns and bucks like crazy to try and get you off her.

There is usually no way back in a relationship if you are foolish enough to try this with a serious girlfriend. Make sure you have no intention of maintaining a friendship with this woman afterwards.

Some guys have actually found themselves in court on charges including battery and rape after some of the recipients of a "Bronco" have felt humiliated and abused and sought revenge. In court a woman has the right to say "No/stop" no matter how far along in the sexual act they are, so just a word of warning if you think this sounds hilarious!
by Che_G February 23, 2011
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A 4WD SUV once produced by Ford. The full-size variant made from 1978 to 1996 was commonly used by pimps, drug dealers and OJ Simpson.
How many hoes can fit in that Bronco?
by pacodiablo February 14, 2004
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when you're doin it doggystyle reach around, grab the girls tits and yell some other girls name. it'll feel like ur on a bronco when she tries to get you off.
by brian December 22, 2003
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The bronco is performed when a couple is having sex doggy style, made popular by the T.V show Dexter. When the bottom is getting really into it, you hold onto their hips and say another person's name. The bottom then will try to "buck" you off, much like a horse.
Conversation about Bronco, taken from Dexter:

Angel Batista: She's a butterface.
Dexter Morgan: What's a butterface?
Angel: You know, compadre. She's got a hot body - but her face.
Dexter: Oh.
Masuka: How great would it be to pull a bronco on her? Yeah? Yeah?
Angel: You do it doggie-style. Right? And just when she's getting into it, you grab her by the hips, and you yell another woman's name, and, bam, you're riding her like a bronco, because she's trying to buck you off.
by DurkDurkinson August 11, 2015
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A term used for a person who got into something that they don't belong in. Such as when a person who is really bad at Football gets onto the Varsity team even though they're not that good and belong on the JV team, they just got onto varsity because they paid a lot of money or something. The term is a reference to how Boise State gets into BCS bowls even though they play nobody.
-Why is John our starting quarterback? He can't make a pass to save his life against those really good linebackers!

-Well of course he's the starting quarterback, he's a Bronco.
by Numbuh 18 February 01, 2011
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Easily the sickest most kick-ass team in the NFL! Disliked by many fans of other teams that got the shit kicked out of them by the Broncos.
Dude did you see the game?
Hell yes i did champ bailey got three interceptions and the broncos beat the raiders 84-0.
by coolbn August 04, 2007
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during rear-entry "doggie-style" sexual intercourse between two people, a male and a female, the male grabs the females tits and whispers into her ear a disgusting phrase; i.e "I have AIDS." or "Your not quite as good as your mom."; and the feamle will then most likely wildly try to end the intercourse and the male tries to hold on to her for as long as possible; this is called the "Bronco or the "Bucking Bronco
"Man, last night was fun. I gave my whore the bronco"
by Joey St. Onge July 23, 2003
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