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A university in Boise, Idaho that is home to the iconic blue turf, a venue where the football team annually shows dominance over every visiting team and gets little to no recognition for it, even though there hasn't been a team to win there in years. Boise State fans who show up to the games have good hearts and are the best dressed of any set of fans as they have the ability to color coordinate each section of seating producing mind blowingly awesome effects. Boise State is often looked down upon from other teams who buy their way into college football glory, and is lead by the best coach in the country-Chris Petersen, who is more often than not the first choice to hire if one of those money hog SEC schools need a new coach.
Are you wearing a Boise State shirt?

Yes, I am, because unlike the a$$hats of the SEC, I believe football does not revolve around money, but the actual game. And because I actually have a brain.
by OliverFinley February 27, 2011
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An excellent university in Boise, ID that is well known for it's football team, which there are a few misconceptions about. #1)We do not expect to play in the national championship if we go undefeated. We just think that a team with 2 losses shouldn't be more deserving of a national championship than an undefeated team just because they're not from the south. #2) We don't purposely schedule creampuff teams every year. That's because none of you so-called "BCS" teams have the balls to play us.(Except for Georgia and Ole Miss)
Boise State's football team is great, but can't get respect from anybody. I'm looking at you Mark May.
by SuPmYhOmIeZ June 04, 2011
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A team in college football that annually beats up soft teams and demands to play in the National Championship game. Boise State often plays teams like Wyoming, New Mexico State, Louisiana Tech, Utah State, and San Jose State. They insist that they deserve to play for a national championship even though their schedule has sometimes consisted of zero ranked teams. In 2010 Boise State may steal a BCS bowl berth from teams such as Alabama, Nebraska, and Ohio State that play nearly half their games against ranked opponents (examples of teams from their respective schedule's include Texas, Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, Auburn, LSU, Florida, Missouri, Oklahoma, Miami, and Penn State). Boise State is also known for their large population of bandwagon fans.
Boise State believes that they should play for a national championship after feasting on a bunch of D-2 quality opponents over teams that play and defeat multiple ranked national powerhouses.

Boise State playing in a BCS bowl is like hiring a Community College graduate with a 4.0 GPA over hiring a Harvard or Yale graduate with a 3.97 GPA.
by KingOfTheStreets35 November 07, 2010
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An excellent football team that never gets its respect in BCS Bowl rankings. A Rodney Dangerfield, except Boise State has its stuff. Someone who can never get into the inner circle.
Is Kansas City the Boise State of NFL?
If Boise State is in SEC, they would not win even a game.
by ideafromnick October 29, 2010
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The most overrated college football team in America, who never plays anybody worth a shit and then expects to play for a National title because they went undefeated against a bunch of glorified High School Football teams.
Man #1: "Man I think 'Twilight' is a way ovverrated movie."

Man #2: "Yeah it's a bit Boise State-ed
by HolaCola November 29, 2010
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