Ford's fullsize suv counter part to the K5 blazer, 4wd vehicle convertible, later on came in eddie bauer, eventually the downsize version took over much like the s10 for k5, becoming the bronco II, the bronco, like its chevrolet cousin would share the same fate of extinction.
Nice bronco, does it have 4wd?
by Kevin January 26, 2005
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Doing a girlfriend from behind and just when your about to jizzle grab her pony tails and scream out her mother's name
I got a sore knob from doin the bronco on my biatch...
by Mathew kerber May 11, 2003
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A term used for a person who got into something that they don't belong in. Such as when a person who is really bad at Football gets onto the Varsity team even though they're not that good and belong on the JV team, they just got onto varsity because they paid a lot of money or something. The term is a reference to how Boise State gets into BCS bowls even though they play nobody.
-Why is John our starting quarterback? He can't make a pass to save his life against those really good linebackers!

-Well of course he's the starting quarterback, he's a Bronco.
by Numbuh 18 February 01, 2011
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When you're doing a girl in the ass and just when you're about to come you whisper in her ear, "I have AIDS". Just try to hang on as long as possible while she tries to buck you off. WOOOHOOO!
Brittany and I were going at it when I pulled out the bronco. God what a night.
by Cleary February 23, 2006
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a large white ford bronco similar to OJ Simpson's getaway vehicle. Usually driven by obese teens who keep a handy dandy scale in the 'glove'
We should definately egg the bronco tonite, JOE.
by abc019283 April 05, 2006
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for a girl to facesit a guy, pulling his face into her pussy and reaching back to yank his cock
I think I teased her too long last night. Once we got to my house she threw me on the ground and broncoed my face.
by Rod X February 14, 2014
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Dumbass team who steal players, claim them as them being at the height of the game on their team, but sadly can never make it to the Super bowl.

Losing to the Raiders has become a must for this team.
Billy-Bo: Dude, did you see the 2004 Raiders @ Brocons game?
Bubba-Bob: Yeah...Broncos got school didn't they?
Jake Plummer: Yeah...we sure do suck.
by Pete M July 21, 2005
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