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A friend who allows you to borrow a lighter. Named after the Greek god who gave fire to humans.
Francis: Hey bros, anyone got a lighter? I'm tryna spark this doobie.
Chad: Yeah bro I got you.
Francis: Thanks Brometheus.
by YouHaveToCallMeDragon July 05, 2012
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Once upon a time, the great Greek God Brometheus, the greatest of the 'Bros', stole beer from Zeus so that he could help out his other bros and have a wild, awesome party. Zeus, furious that he no long had any beer that he could use to rape various immortals and morals (i.e. Europa), thus had Brometheus tied to a chair and had an eagle eat his cirrhosis-inflicted liver, getting blood all over Brometheus's popped-collar shirt.
Dude 1: "Hey everybody, this party is in memory of Brometheus, king of all Bros!"

Everybody: Hail Brometheus!
by Capt@in_C@veman April 08, 2010
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A titan of a bro who, after bringing fire down from Mt. Brolympus so that bros could light their blunts, was punished by being chained to the rocks and having his liver destroyed not by an eagle, but by absurd amounts of Patron.

Also the brother of Fratlas, and a fellow titan with Bronos.
Freed by Hercules, so that he could continue Bro-ing out.
Truly a God among Bros.
Bro 1: Anyone got a lighter?
Bro 2: Ya bro, toke it up.
Bro 1: You are truly Brometheus, bro!
by Lagbro November 03, 2011
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A god of greek bro-mythology responsible for stealing the laws of brolitics from mount brOlympus and bringing to the humans on Earth. It's the mythological brolosophy of how brocieties were created.
Brometheus brought brolitics to Earth!
by Hmayoral February 15, 2010
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someone who brings unspeakable lameness to mankind from the gods of suckitude
"Hey brometheus, you're not welcome here -- get outta here before my friends see you and spontaneously become fans of World of Warcraft."
by sommy December 14, 2008
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1.An undying level of

bromanship,acending beyond the bro levels. Includes any race,but also of how long the brolationship lasted and how strong the bond is.
"For lighting the fire that brighten our brotherhood,you're a Brometheus to us."
by TheAmazingTaco August 25, 2019
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