When one is so amazingly good at performing cunnilingus, they gain the status of a "broiler".

The name is chosen because, like the actual defenition, the vagina is pleasured in such a fantastic way that it is in a sense delicately and meticulously tended to, as well as heated up by this intense process.
Damn, you are so amazing at cunnilingus. You've not only treated my vagina like a goddess, but you've actually heated it up -- can I call you The Broiler? Better yet, you best change your last name to "Broilman"!
by Palmela January 27, 2006
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A broiler is the ultimate buzzkill. The derivation being the BK from Buzzkill and the BK Broiler sandwich from Burger King. Hence instead of just saying BK, you say Broiler instead. Made famous by JLJ from PC Deathsquad.
Dude, I dropped a whole twelver of brew and it broke...dude thats fully on the broiler tip.
by John Lockjaw aka JLJ aka Mr X January 19, 2008
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when you are outdoors banging, and you subsequently cum on a lady's chest and leave it there letting it bake in the sun
I took Samantha out to Rittenhouse Square, and I gave her the broiler. She didn't even thank me!
by crexac April 21, 2010
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Attempting to and successfully taking a shit in another person's oven and leaving it there for that person to find the next day. Turning the oven on and backing the shit is optional.
Tim was so drunk last night that he tried to give you a Milwaukee Broiler but shit his pants before he got the oven open.
by Tyberus January 3, 2010
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A buzzkill that is particularly long-lasting, such as the feeling one gets when attending the wrong type of movie under herbal influence and realizing (too late) that they're in for a long and terrible time.

See also: BK Backporch Griller, BK Burger Shot, BK Backporch Broiler and the Whopper BK
Going to see T4 high was a BK Broiler.
by Smollie October 22, 2009
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A common variation of the 'Dutch Oven' replacing the fart with the shart in a couple's bed.
Mark intended to give his girlfriend a dutch oven but turned the event into a jamaican broiler when he realized he had sharted. His girlfriend wasn't too pleased with their next spoon session.
by chowmaine April 23, 2009
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The new term for a raging homosexual or "flamer", but in a more subtle way.
by xjer December 18, 2009
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