A buzzkill that is particularly long-lasting, such as the feeling one gets when attending the wrong type of movie under herbal influence and realizing (too late) that they're in for a long and terrible time.

See also: BK Backporch Griller, BK Burger Shot, BK Backporch Broiler and the Whopper BK
Going to see T4 high was a BK Broiler.
by Smollie October 22, 2009
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Dutch Oven Genre: But one actually excretes a turd while under an activated electric blanket.
Kerry awoke to realize her nightmare about her snorkeling diarrhea made her poop in bed. Always a quick thinker, she cranked up the electric blanket to 9 and pulled the blanket over her husband's head, rendering a fresh BK Broiler.
by DanderPander April 6, 2011
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A hot session of boobs and kissing.
I met that soccer mom in her van behind the Starbucks, but all she gave up was a BK Broiler
by KingofLakemoor August 24, 2017
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Sudden explosion of diarrhea during sexual activity, usually at the expense of one partner. Named after Fox new celebrity Bambi Krill. And Burger King.
He wanted to tickle her bum, but instead got a BK BROILER.
by RandyBob December 21, 2014
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Pretty straight forward...Tits range from: like reading braille, hand-full, whoppers, and the ever loveable BK Broilers! Those sorted from smallest to biggest!
Brandon: Dude, Nick did you see Laura's tits, dem some BK Broilers!
by Brandaminator October 2, 2006
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A BTK killer copycat, who kills his victims by forcing them to eat Burger King food until they explode. Then, he broils and eats them.
Dang, Kathy got murdered by the BK Broiler!
by Whistler's Brother August 20, 2005
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A buzzkill which combines the elements of a BK Backporch Griller (in that it is quite unexpected) and a BK Broiler (in that it is quite long-lasting). Not a fun combination, I assure you.

See also: BK Broiler, BK Backporch Griller, BK Burger Shot, Whopper BK
Hey bro, it's already a BK Backporch Griller that he showed up at the party. Let's get rid of him before this becomes a BK Backporch Broiler.

Right after we smoked our dad busted out the obituary section of an old newspaper. An epic BK Backporch Broiler.
by Smollie October 22, 2009
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