a person with limited brain function and lacking dental hygiene, caused from generational inbreeding. Olde English.
Tommy O’Neil: “You smell the halitosis on that vagrant, the one that was kissing hims mother?”

William Shaunessy: “4 score and 3 years of hanky panky between mother and son - that chum’s a Rittenhouse.”
by Olde English - Webster December 10, 2021
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"Doing a Rittenhouse" (or being a Rittenhouse) is when someone forces themselves into a problematic situation with the conviction of helping solve the problem, but end up becoming part of it and making the whole situation significantly worse.

The definition comes from murderer Kyle Rittenhouse, who one day at the age of 17, took it upon himself to help out a neighbouring state to deal with mass protests about police violence in 2020.

To do so, Rittenhouse acquired an automatic weapon and took it across state lines, breaking several local and federal laws, and ended up murdering 2 protesters in what he claims was personal defence.

He was found innocent in what is commonly viewed as a sham trial.
"Man, seriously, just drop it and go home, you're being a Rittenhouse!"
"This would have never happened if we left when I told you to! But no, you had to stay and do a Rittenhouse. Now my parents will never speak to me again".
by hp lolcraft April 27, 2022
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V. To put yourself in a terrible situation and then pretend to be a hero by “resolving” the situation.
I’m tired of everyone high fiving David over putting out that house fire. He totally Rittenhoused it by flicking his blunt into the laundry before peeing out the flames. He’s not a hero, he’s a total chode.
by NapoleonBonerfart November 20, 2021
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To be a terrorist who goes across state lines and murders unarmed protesters.
Jimbob Sisterfucker tried to be a Rittenhouse when he left his trailor and drove to the next state to shoot protesters. Luckily a protester grabbed his gun and beat him with it before he could actually shoot someone.
by Patriotic Leftie March 9, 2021
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1. Free as fuck.
2. Innocent.
3. Not guilty.
4. Staying strapped.
5. Putting sharps on point.
6. Taking out the the trash.
Guy 1: Did you smoke the last of the weed?

Guy 2: nah, dawg I'm Rittenhouse up in here.
by Rastathewhite November 21, 2021
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To be found innocent of self defense by a jury and have media slander you
by MissMoss November 20, 2021
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When one fucks around then promptly finds out.
Rioter, "My arm, he shot my arm!"

Random guy, "Dude! You got Rittenhoused!"
by Ausher November 19, 2021
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