A jewish name. Commonly used to define a sexy male jew with a large red jewfro,who occasionaly bangs his best guy friend. Named Stan.
Bebe: Kyle Broflovskis ass is fine..i just want to grab it and keep it forever!
Stan: me too...OH SHIT.
by Geezimspecial August 24, 2008
When you pee on your wife during sex an one of your children, lets say... a kid named Ike sees it.
Weeeehhhh!!! Kyle mom pulled a Broflovski
by duck_human November 3, 2020
She's a big, fat bitch, she's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world.
Wow this sub is such a Sheila Broflovski
by Eric Cartman1/The C0on November 10, 2017
Kyle Broflovski is the Jewish kid from South Park. He is Stan's best friend, somewhat Kenny's friend, and he always gets made fun of by Cartman because he is Jewish. He has a mom, a dad, and a younger half-brother that is Canadian. His teacher was Mr. Garrison, then Mrs. Chokesondick, now it is Ms. Garrison, Mr. Garrison with a sex change. Kyle also has a bag of "Jew Gold" hanging around his neck.
Cartman: Fuck you Kyle Broflovski, you're just a fucking Jew.
by Awahl March 2, 2006
Kyle Broflovski is a main character in the animated TV series South park. He is known for being the only Jew in town and his politically active parents. He is often ripped on for being Jewish, Ginger, and his mom being from jersey: mostly by Eric Cartman.

Kyles best friends are Stan Marsh and Kenny McCormick, and his only love interests up to date have been Bebe Stevens and Robecca Coltswad.

Though his family is Jewish and Kyle says he is to, there have been many instances of Kyle losing his faith, so many believe him to actually be Theist Agnostic.
Cartman: Aye kahl! Jews can't play basketball so just give up already!!

Kyle Broflovski: Shut up fatass! I can do whatever I want!

Cartman: Aye! I'm not fat you stupid Jew!
by KitKat_Kitty13 December 28, 2016
One of the main characters in the south park franchise. A ten year old boy who wears a green hat and congratulations you’ve just been pranked i do not give a fuck about ur hopes and dreams look at the next definition
Kyle Broflovski is an awesome character my overall favorite
*Pronoun* Kyle Broflovski, (Surname also spelled Brovlofski, Brovlovski, Broflovski, Brosloski, Broslofski, Broslovski, or by Eric Cartman, Kahl) is one of 4 main characters on the TV show South Park. Kyle is voiced by and based on co-creator Matt Stone. Kyle has a best friend named Stan. He is the oldest of two children in the only Jewish family in the town. Kyle has a younger brother named Ike, who was adopted from Canada. He is mostly famous for saying “You bastards!” when Kenny dies. Kyle wears a green ushanka, (the same kind of hat that many Soviets wore, however the ear flaps are not turned up) an orange jacket, dark green pants, and bright green mittens.
Stan Marsh: Oh my God, they killed Kenny!
Kyle Broflovski: You bastards!
by August 24, 2021