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Gold that every jew has. They have 2 bags; one is fake and the other is real. The real one is hung around the jews neck.
cartman: kyle, give me your jew gold.
kyle: fuck you fatass. i said i don't have jew gold.
cartamn: give me it now or you are gonna die kyle.
by Awahl December 16, 2005
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Kyle Broflovski is the Jewish kid from South Park. He is Stan's best friend, somewhat Kenny's friend, and he always gets made fun of by Cartman because he is Jewish. He has a mom, a dad, and a younger half-brother that is Canadian. His teacher was Mr. Garrison, then Mrs. Chokesondick, now it is Ms. Garrison, Mr. Garrison with a sex change. Kyle also has a bag of "Jew Gold" hanging around his neck.
Cartman: Fuck you Kyle Broflovski, you're just a fucking Jew.
by Awahl March 2, 2006
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