A women who is spectacular,caring, amazing probably the best person you ever meet. Bebe would stick by in the rough times and is the one you always want to talk to when you feeling down or confused. She is the best person you will ever meet and you would be grateful for meeting her. Bebe shared her love with everyone everyday.
That Bebe was truly magnificent
by JBL2007 November 28, 2018
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someone you can call you're significant other
someone you love but you don't have a label yet
someone you want to be boyfriends/girlfriends with but you guys have no label
She is my bebe because i love her but we dont have a label yet so we don't know what to call each other so we call ourselves bebe
by Jurr jurr January 23, 2019
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Bebe is a word to describe someone you adore
Rin is a bebe
by Dinoyah August 9, 2019
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This is the greatest chick you’ll ever meet,She’s smart,She’s loyal, She loves to talk, and she’s gonna be 102% with you all the time
Yo I love talking to Bebe she makes my day
by Dr.T_fame February 19, 2019
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A very attractive woman who has amazing eyes and a fun personality. she is very funny & caring. And loves spongebob.
Person 1: Hey I'm mark!
person 2: Im bebe!
by epicnoodles September 24, 2010
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A word that AUSTIN MCBROOM from the ace family uses too too often. He says it to Catherine, Elle and in the future he will say it when his youngest child is old enough to understand
Bebe how are you gonna lift the box for me and mama
by Thatacefamfan October 29, 2018
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Avanis fandom. Bebes are sweet, nice, funny and happy mostly. Some bebes are toxic especially the ones who hate on people. Most of them are sweet though. I am a Bebe and I love the fandom
I am a Bebe
by Maplelqverne May 3, 2020
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