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Clyde Donovan is a character on the hit TV show South Park. He is mostly known as the most popular boy in school for his good looks and playboy/jock attitude. He had been dubbed Bisexual, but mostly takes a liking to girls, especially Bebe Stevens.

Clyde had also been called a crybaby in many episodes, for he tends to break down in tears whenever he is slightly offended or minorly hurt.
Bebe: Clyde Donovan is such a playboy..

Clyde: A- am not.. Whaaaaa!!!
by KitKat_Kitty13 December 28, 2016
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Kyle Broflovski is a main character in the animated TV series South park. He is known for being the only Jew in town and his politically active parents. He is often ripped on for being Jewish, Ginger, and his mom being from jersey: mostly by Eric Cartman.

Kyles best friends are Stan Marsh and Kenny McCormick, and his only love interests up to date have been Bebe Stevens and Robecca Coltswad.

Though his family is Jewish and Kyle says he is to, there have been many instances of Kyle losing his faith, so many believe him to actually be Theist Agnostic.
Cartman: Aye kahl! Jews can't play basketball so just give up already!!

Kyle Broflovski: Shut up fatass! I can do whatever I want!

Cartman: Aye! I'm not fat you stupid Jew!
by KitKat_Kitty13 December 28, 2016
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