Something a male or female says to get their partner to FUCK HARDER
KYLE push me harder!!!!!!!!!!!!
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harass annoy pushy Stop rushing me. Don't harass me. Stop telling me what to do.
Jeff asked me what time I would be ready to go, I said"I don't know, at least 30 minutes". He asked me again about what time I could be ready, I had to reply with "Don't push me like that".
by Bratlicious November 9, 2006
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1. Fictional Animal in the original Dr. Doolittle.
2. Bisexual human.
Is that a push me pull you?

You pushed me. Let me pull you!
by DB Gibb March 9, 2006
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When a co-worker deliberately snitches on you to the boss without necessity. Basically, bringing something about you to the bosses attention that he/she wouldn't have otherwise noticed EVER without someone else's intervention. Bringing it to the plain sight of the boss. Similar to push me under the bus.
I cannot believe that Pat pushed me under the boss like that! I was going to get to the report later because I still have time!
by Ricky LL June 30, 2009
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(Idiom) Don't bother arguing, it won't change anything, since my decision is final.
Don't get push with me bitch; your money stays the same.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 5, 2004
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tailgater hoping you'll either speed up, or get out of the way
(these new cameras are gonna plug a lot of asses!!!)
this ass-sucker is pushing me...i'm going to have to lose his stupid ass!
this asshole is fucking pushing me
by michael foolsley December 17, 2009
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