A South Park character almost as perverted as Chef. He is one of the four main boys, along with Stan, Kyle, and Cartman - Kenny is the residential poor kid, consistently clothed, concealed, and muffled by an orange parka, whose experience with sex is only surpassed by his experience with death.

Visible in select episodes without his orange parka - most notably in the movie. Has messy blond hair. The best-looking of the South Park boys. Voiced by Matt Stone.
Kenny McCormick: M mm mm! Mmm mffm mfmf mm m- MMM MMMF!
(I want her! Maybe I'll finger her and- OH NOOO!!!)

*Kenny is flattened by Mariah Carey's breasts*

Stan: Oh my God! She killed Kenny!

Kyle: You bastard!!!
by Silver415 December 19, 2009
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Character On South Park, a comedy central tv show. He wheres an orange parka that covers his entire face and muffles all his words, he never takes this parka off ever except for one quick second in the South Park Movie. Kenny is also very poor, his family has many welfair babies. Kenny is one of the four south park boys. In almost every episode up until the end of season five, Kenny dies, but then re-appears the next episode. In the 6th season of the tv show, he is dead for good, and its replaced by Butters. In the 7th season Kenny re-appears. Kenny is also the most perverted out of the four boys, he knows everything about sex and explains it to the boys, but ofcourse it is muffled. However the boys can understand kenny through his muffling coat, and they talk and interact with him. It is just harder for viewers like you and me to undertand him...
"Oh my god, they killed kenny!"-Kyle
"You Bastards!"-Stan

"mi mrlike merls werr b-ahhr mrr mree mri mrlike merls werr br-ahhrr mrittys"-Kenny (muffled)
by n, mcbar August 21, 2005
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one of the best characters ever created.
person one: I love Kenny McCormick

Person two: same
by Tweek_coffee April 7, 2023
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Kenny McCormick is a 9 year old boy on the emmy award winning series, South Park. He is poor and foul-mouthed, which is the main reason he wears his orange Parka. During the earlier seasons he died frequently and his remains were devoured or carried away by rats however in later seasons he is killed less and less until he is 'permanently' killed by the AIDS virus. He later embodies Cartman and eventually rejoins the series with no explanation in season 7. He does NOT die every episode nor does he ever die twice as we learn in one episode of SP that he is actually reborn by Mrs. McCormick over 50 times! Kenny is poor and is frequently belittled by his 'friend' Cartman. If an argument between Stan+Kyle vs Eric occurs, he is usually stuck on Cartmans side. although most of what he says is hard to decipher, it is understandable and usually involves sexually explicit words and terminology.
Misinformed wannabe fan of SP: Dude, did you see SP last night? I swear Kenny dies like every episode.
Actual fan: No, he doesn't, if you think he does you have not watched much South Park.

Kenny McCormick: *muffled* Maybe you can rub her pussy!
Stan, Kyle and Cartman: How do you know she has a cat?
*Everyone Laughs*
by _red___xiii_ March 27, 2008
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Kenny is a charecter on South Park. Wears a bright orange hoodie that covers most of his face. Talks in a muffled voice but you can ususally figure out most of what he is saying, but is perfectly understanded by his friends. Kenny comes from a poor family, and often takes his friends food. Kenny knows more about sex then all his friends put together, and his room is decorated with pictures of women in bikinis. Kenny without his hood has blonde hair, but his face has never been seen. Kenny dies in nearly every episode.
(Kenny McCormick dies)
Stan: Oh my god, they killed Kenny.
Kyle: You bastards!
by Vampire Ghost October 8, 2006
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A really hot fucking character from South Park with the most dreamy, messy blonde hair. He almost always keeps his hood on which covers his mouth which results in him always sounding muffled. He also wears an orange parka and is always made fun of by Eric Cartman about how he's poor. He also dies like every episode but...mysteriously revives every episode? Anyways, search up Kenny McCormick bloodpop animation and click the first video on the top of the list. Then you'll see how hot he is.
Girl1: Kenny McCormick is so hot right?
Girl2: I know, he's like the hottest character in South Park.
Girl1: Too bad he always dies though...He doesn't deserve that!
Girl2: Yeah...
by lolimaginebeingaretard March 25, 2023
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