men that are like brothers but actually not
Lupe: dude bro! I smoked this crack the other day but then I found out that it was confectioner's sugar!
Blake: umadtho?
by Art L April 22, 2011
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a male person who is usually blood related who has very close bonds to you . or a very close friend that is dear to your heart and a person you would do anything for .
#1 : were so good friends
#2 : yeah ino your like a bro to me
by know.it.all August 10, 2011
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a bro is a white guy who wears brands such as skin,metal mulisha,srh,and 187 inc.The typical bro wears dickies shorts and long socks.They listen to Kottonmouth Kings,Big B,Kingspade,stuff like that.They drive lifted trucks,drink,and are crazy about smoking weed.
they go to the desert in the winter season and the river in the summer.They ride dirtbixes,quads,and drive dune buggys.
Johnny Richter and D-Loc are examples of bros
by brohoe13<33 September 24, 2006
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A bro is someone who wears Famous, SRH, So Cal, Mob Inc. and more...they normally represent Southern California some hate black ppl some dont, they act gangster just as a black person would, but they are white, they listen to KMK, Kingspade, Cypress Hill, and more rap/rock. They also enjoy driving their high lifted trucks, and they smoke weed alot. Usually form the 909 951 ish area
I tell you this because I am a bro, and alot of these entries are incorrect.
by Kevin V August 18, 2006
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Stupid white trash guys in the 909 with lifted trucks, wife beaters, shitty music (usually the most popular rap, hardcore, and nowadays emo) ugly girlfriends, ugly hair, mouths constantly open, retarded as all get up, have no common sense, think its cool to park half on the curb half off, put Flowmaster exhausts on Nissan Hardbodies and Toyota longbeds, don't realize that a huge lift job and giant tires fucks up your gears, which in turn equals less power. Fags.
I saw some OC bitches and some bros fighting last night. I was hoping they'd kill each other off, but I had to do it for them.
by John December 03, 2003
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an 18 to 24 year-old male who wears birkenstock sandals, watches family guy, plays ultimate frisbee, and wears an upside-down visor or a baseball cap with a pre-frayed brim, you know, a bro
"you met chad over the internet, is that right?"
'ya, uh, ya i mean he seemed like a pretty cool bro'
by colapsedlungman July 25, 2009
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First off, a bro isn't what is portrayed by "Brorape" by Derrick Comedy, and a bro for sure isn't a white trash racist hick who does nothing but drive "a lifted truck or dirtbikes." and wear Famous and stuff like that. They also aren't visor wearing, birkenstock rockin hippie hybrids either. A bro is generally a white kid, but there are certainly african-american or hispanic bros, who are about 16-25. Mostly hailin' from New England and Long Island. Lax or hockey is popular amongst bros, especially on the East Coast where the true bros reside. They can be seen rocking shoes with tall socks, more popular with Laxers, cargo or khaki shorts from Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, and Hollister, but there are certainly other companies, Jeans if not shorts from various companies, various tees, not usually polos, and hoodies (depending on season) that may tend to be ripped down the middle where the hood meets the sweatshirt. Long Island and New England is pretty populated with these bros, thanks to the prevalence of Lax, Hockey, Baseball, and the popularity of the beaches. At any beach you can find some dudes hitting waves year round. They either shred the set, or get shacked hard.
That's pretty much it, Bro.
Bro A: Dude, I'm so tired of all these retarded stereotypes of bros on here.

Bro B: Yeah Bro, I was thinking the same thing.
by ECBR0 April 26, 2009
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