1. When playing a first person shooter you are purely getting headshots back to back, the dome being the head


2. Getting head

1. Setting: Halo 3 Guardian Team Doubles BRs

Teammate 1: We have one at snipe 2 and one at mid curly ramp

Teammate 2: Dont worry about it im at blue and even though its normally hard to shoot mid curly ramp from blue ive been getting dome all day

Teammate 1: Well good give him a good teabag after you get that dome


2. I'm such a hard-ass that I've been getting dome all day
by 1_SHOt June 1, 2010
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to receive oral sex from a hooker infested with vd
i was getting dome from that aids bag of a hooker
by james9418bond October 17, 2007
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1) When a character in a First Person Shooter gets or receives a ridiculous headshot.

2) The phrase yelled by 100 little 12 year olds on a shooter game when they get a lucky headshot from a tree 10 feet away.

3) A phrase douche bags use when someone fails at something.
annoying 12 year old- OMGROFLLOLOMG I Ar get a Head shot wiff snipr Rifle !!!!!!!111!!!one!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Player- ......wow, good job getting a kill with the most powerful weapon in the game from 2 feet away, look how skilled you are :P

annoying 12 year old- Ha U iz jus made becze u GET DOMED! lolololol
by Delta 895 October 9, 2010
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the question you pop to dumb bitches who you want dome from. Regardless of whether they consent or not, you can still refer to this period as the dome time. Tends to work better on girls who have a known record of giving mad dome and/or if they are drunk too.
Ey whats up bitches?! Can i get some dome?! over here right now?!!
by Dome Timer August 13, 2006
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