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Male name originating from the Hebrew language translated to mean 'strongly or hard.'

In Hebrew, Chason is pronounced (has-OHN), but is commonly pronounced (chay-SOHN) as well.
Chason is a common male's name in the Upper East Coast and in the Southern region of the United States.
"Who is that sex-robot with the lovely Southern accent?"

"You mean Chason? He is a God."
by SarahEmily September 05, 2009
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He is very strong and very observant. Cha'son can also be a woman's name. But not common. He/she loves hard and is loyal. Setbacks make he/she stronger. Cha'son is a rare person to come across. Be grateful that cha'son is in your life. Cha'son is a beautiful person and has a beautiful soul
Are you talking about cha'son ?
She is so beautiful
by Credibleduh March 12, 2017
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