Most of these people are fucking pussies. Although I am an American, I stand firm on that opinion. Most of the little shit American tourists go around in other nations, mostly Europe, doing any, if not all of the following:
a) Wearing a Canadian flag on their backpack/shirts
b) Pretending they're used to driving on the left
c) Watching a soccer (football) match and pretending they know what the fuck is going on and/or acting like they give a shit about what is happening on the field
d) Trying to use an English accent, but doing an Austrailian one instead. Dumb asses.
e) They're too busy thinking they'll be deemed an asshole or some bull shit like that instead of not giving a fuck and enjoying their vacation.
f) Say "mate" "wanker" "lad" "chap"
g) Pretend like they know what the difference is between Tony Blair and the Queen.

I personally have nothing against European views on anything above.

Who turned the tide in WWII? America. Where did most every day life inventions come from? Americans. Where was Lance Armstrong, one of the greatest motivational men in history, come from? America. Who first landed on the moon? An American. What kind of tourists are the biggest pussies? Americans.
American tourists piss me off. When I go to Europe, I wear shirts that say "C-O-L-O-R" with pride.
by Mr. Gzella December 11, 2006
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