often spelled brizzy, britzy, or Adam, brissy is an adjective denoting the quality of not inviting great people to your wedding or being incessantly poopy or sarcastic

See below for an illustration of the impact of brissiness on brides at weddings
My office mate is being super brissy today. I guess I won't go to the Inn August 2017. I'll just stay at home and binge on Netflix.
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by QB2016 June 28, 2016
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A person from England, "British" that has moved to America and doesn't like getting their fingers messy when eating. For example, instead of eating corn from the cob, they would cut off the corn and eat it with a fork. Eating tacos with a fork would be another example.
Stop being so Brissy, just eat the corn from the cob.
by DJ CATZ March 04, 2017
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