tucking your junk inbetween your legs and turning to bend over and show any unfortunate onlookers
Casey got everybody with the cob that day!!
by phillip sims April 19, 2006
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When sitting on the toilet, you reach over to tear off some toilet paper only to find that there's nothing but the cardboard tube, or cob, left on the roll.
There's no shitwipe left on the roll. I've been cobbed!
by Mr. Weebitzy December 8, 2013
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To project one's own personality or way of thinking onto someone else.
"If they were hungry they would do this." "No if you were hungry then you would do that. You're cobbing."
"Nobody pours milk before cereal" "No you don't pour milk before cereal. You're cobbing."
by Quip Logic February 2, 2015
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Verb: (I think)

Origin: Northern England

Term used to describe the state of being usually referred to as grumpiness or sulking. Aka 'being in an arse', 'having a mard' or just basically being a miserable, pissed off so and so.
Peter: "What's wrong with that stupid bitch?"

Paul: "F*** knows, she's got a cob on"
by Glenn Parington June 26, 2005
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"He wouldn't talk to me as he had a right cob on" or
"She had such a cob on that she wouldn't even put the kettle on"
by Elizza June 11, 2006
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Acronym for Close of Business. Usually referring to a 5:00PM deadline.
Middle manager: "umm, if you could just get that done by COB, that would be terrrrrrrific."
Programmer: "sure, I'll get to that right away" ::what the hell, I guess I better do that right away...I'll look up COBB on Urban Dictionary::
by middle manager March 10, 2005
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Short Meaning: Australian word meaning "Friend", can be used in the literal sense, but also as a general greeting towards, or addressing the attention of, an individual person, regardless of whether you have met before.

Long Meaning:

Short for Cobber in Australia. Cobber is a traditional Australian saying which is equivalent to the word "Mate", which itself in Australia means "Friend", but not literally 'Friend', as it can be used as a general greeting by anyone, regardless of whether you have ever met them before.

Cob / Cobber is mainly used today by "True Blue" Australians, (Long settled / Individuals of multi generational Australian heritage), however is rarely used now in major cities and has lost significant favour throughout Australia, with most people now using the word "mate" as the main greeting.
G'day Cob, how you been! (Good day buddy, how have you been)

What do you think of that, 'ey Cob! (What do you think of that hey buddy!)

Cheers Cob! (Thank you)

Ey Cob! (Hey buddy!)

Nice one Cob! (Nice one buddy!)
by VR-83 May 21, 2016
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