Brini is the word used to describe jeans that may have been worn for 4 days or more by the wearer.
If a person is wearing said jeans then it could be said that they are wearing their brini's.
by StickyOasis April 23, 2009
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Of salty water or the sea; salty.
Another word for salty.
KIM: Yo, did anyone invite Maggie to the club last night?
Cristine: Nah, but I heard she was mad briny about it!
Both: *laugh*
by JDM JULY July 22, 2015
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A briny carrot is a penis that has been pulled out of an unwashed vagina.
Man 1: Bro my girlfriend just had sex with me and she hasn't showered in weeks!
Man 2 : Ew dude, now you have a briny carrot.
by flawedGhost June 3, 2021
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The most beautiful girl in the world extremely nice and spreads happiness and sunshine everywhere she goes.
Look Its Brini and John getting married
by Sarmad Carter September 9, 2021
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Brinie As The Street Slang Word Meanin' Brikie.
“Erstreet, Brikie aka Brinie Previously Called Tickle As The Ever Most Illest Goonie Str8 Outta Britain. #Legit #Str8Dope #DatsWassup” - The Goonie, Erstreet, Harlem aka Flea, Eekie, Eenie, Jeekie & Jeenie.
by November 1, 2020
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A literary expression that means "the deep sea or ocean"
The ocean is not in a hurry. If your destiny is to connect with the briny depths, it doesn't have to happen within a certain age or a certain period of life -- just at the right time.
by well, kick my brown dog October 3, 2018
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