Cristine's are extraordinarily soft-hearted. They does not burden other people with their problems. They tend to keep it and suffer alone but still plaster a wide smile and contagious laugh whenever out in public. They seem to be strong, but undeniably fragile.
Cristine went through a lot but she doesn't even show it! Look at her smile.
by yourfriend_ November 25, 2021
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Cristine is the most beautiful and amazing Person you will ever met. Once you’ve met her, there is no going back from falling in love with her more and more. She is funny, intelligent, a shoulder to lean on and probably the most fun person you’ve ever met. Cristine fills an entire room with joy the second she steps into it.

There is no bad bone in here body. Everything she does, she does with good and pure intentions.

Once you’ve become a friend or a lover from Cristine you will get know what true friendship/love means.
She is breathtaking and gorgeous.

You wouldn’t want to lose her, because you’d lose the joy of life.
Cristine is the best
by Lyt November 21, 2021
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Cristine is an extraordinary person who is very holosexual. Cristine is smart, kind and doesn’t give up her job to become a youtuber. Cristine is very successful.
Why, holo there cristine
by Canigetaholo April 30, 2019
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Attracted to power and successful people. Sensitive and has deep thoughts. Knows how to make others happy. Very responsible and protective of the family circle. Beautiful on the outside and possesses even more beauty within. Draws in people to her like a magnet. Nature-loving. Free- spirited.
Cristin is amazing.
by joker213 February 9, 2013
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a beautiful successful woman who attracts all them bad boy seals
oh my gosh i wish i were cristine!
by cantalopina August 25, 2008
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A wild child. Funny at times just to make you laugh.

Born to represent their birth month & state. Known not to be fake. Always tells the truth wheather you like the answer or not. A lover of money & lots of it. Love many things. A fighter & a lover. Most laid back, coolest, & most nicest person you will ever meet
The same name as Kritin or Christin, but spelled as Cristin.
Name of a resturant from a few years ago.
by VirgoMoney May 25, 2009
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when you are overcome by the sudden beautiful presence of cristin! it makes you hop up and down on one foot in excitement, and it also makes your blood pressure go so high that you will probably get a heart attack and die ;( so cristin is a murderer! :O so even if you <333 cristin stay away from her or else you will get CRISTINITIS!!!
My grandfather died from cristinitis when he saw cristin yesterday. ;(
by tory March 11, 2005
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