1. derogatory term to describe heterosexuals, usually when engaged in an extended relationship (eg. marriage) with a partner of the opposite sex.
2. Derogatory term used by inner city dwellers (of ANY sexual inclination) to define inhabitants of the suburbs who subscribe to - and are enslaved by - their desire to procreate.
example - im going out to breedersville on the weekend to visit my sister.

(breedersville - read 'suburbs')
by gT>> July 29, 2003
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Most often used in the derogatory to describe people that elect the suburban middle class lifestyle because they are so inept the only possible way they can contribute anything to society is to produce offspring. Typical cycle goes as follows: schooling -> job -> marriage -> children -> death. Their children also tend to grow up to become breeders and the cycle continues. True "breeders" can be compared to animals such as rabbits or cattle that do nothing but multiply by breeding. The term probably got its start in the GLBT community but has since gained outside popularity.
After college, you'll get a job and marry some girl or boy. Then you two can get fat and raise children in your nice house with a white picket fence and all the other breeders.

The song Little Boxes by Malvina Reynolds describes breeders.
by David213 October 13, 2006
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a noun.

someone whose sole purpose is to have babies.

They define their existence solely based on how many kids they have and how big their family is.

see also "heterosexual"
"joe always talks about his kids"
"yes, joe is a breeder."
by dontdothattwice May 19, 2009
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Derrogatory term used frequently in the GBLTQ community to describe Heterosexuals (Someone who fornicates the opposite sex)
The equivalent of "Faggot"
1. Jimmy, shut the fuck up you stupid breeder.
2. Mel, look at those breeders over there. They make me sick.
by Dorian Black May 14, 2005
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Collective term for straight people,very derogatory term usually used by lesbians who are fed up with breeders using the word 'gay' in derogatory context.
That bar is for breeders!
You're such a breeder!
Why should I congratulate you on your pregnacy? All you did was have sex and get knocked up, it must've been really hard? Fucking breeders!
by beat combo May 25, 2003
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Breeders are those that choose to have children and get state handouts, extra days off work, preference for choosing their holidays, all at the expense of us who choose not to breed.
I don't want to see photos of your ugly off spring, hear about how clever/funny/cute they are and I certainly don't appreciate you passing their infections on to me.
by fubarderby November 28, 2004
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