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a really cute boy with stunning eyes and a smile that could warm any cold heart.
I saw a boy named Brayton today. He was quite attractive; i think my heart stopped for a moment.
by un-findable January 09, 2011
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Braytons are amazing. They are so cute and sweet. They make all other guys seem like Dumb asses. When the slowly spread your legs and start kissing in between your thighs and then slowly insert their fingers into your pussy in and out and make you want to hop ontop it’s the best feeling in the world. And oml his dick feels amazing inside he goes in and out and makes you scream out loud then when your son he will start kissing your neck and boobs then slowly make his way back to you vagina and eat you out. He always wants to be the one doing the work and wants to make you com and organum. His dick is the kind you want in your ass.
That guy didn’t make me con like braytons do
by Jesus’s your kissy November 19, 2017
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for a man to kick/attempt to kick another man in the nuts, in front of a shitload of people, extra points if caught on film, it makes you a pussy ass bitch, term comes from Tyler Brayton of Oakland Raiders who attempted to knee Jeremey Stevens in the nads on monday night footbal
I can't believe he just braytoned that dude. Lets go beat the fuck out of him
by Paul S. W. November 08, 2006
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