Past tense of bray.


To bray: To physically, mentally or verbally abuse somebody beyond comprehension, in either a friendly or serious manner.
Old Woman at the Post Office: "Excuse me love, can I get some first class stamps?"
Nathan: "Shurrup y' quim I'll bray ya!"


"Did you hear about that Harris kid? His sister came to pick him up from school and he got brayed 'cos he wouldn't give anyone her number."
by Carrrterrr January 10, 2007
The baines are larking down the tenfoot braying someone for skagging their pattie and chips
by The Johnster March 25, 2003
One's movement from one place to another, or just advancing in a certain task or direction. Created by by a young Yorkshireman named Andrew Swinson, commonly known as 'Swinny'.
"I say Ell, are we brayin' on to the black horse lad?"
"Now then Ell, what's t' job? Are we gonna bray on inside for some suasage rolls, ham sandwich like? Good do."
"Reyt Ell, you're not gonna bray on out in them brothel creepers toneyt are you lad?"
"Are we braying on?"
"Aye, bray on!"
by Frizzeljr May 26, 2009
the sound made by mules, onagers, right-wingers, donkeys and other members of the jackass family
The mule brayed in protest when urged to a trot.
by Figleaf23 January 14, 2009
South African / Zimbabwean slang for a barbeque.
Let's sink some tinnies and whack some steaks on the brai.
by Dan Fox July 20, 2003
Jimmy: Hey bro, whatcha doing?

Tommy: Nothin much bro, just buying some brays online.
by Jimmy Man January 2, 2011
To be the best of the best, to be the victor the god the don of a situation, a god like status is associated with this slang term.
" Dude that guy was the bray, did you see how he handled them hustlers in that b-ball game", " man you just saved my ass that shit was braying ite", " to be the best, to be the worste, to be the don, is to be the bray"
by jesterpauline March 27, 2008