A "boye" is a male creature. Usually associated with dogs. Boye is not the official spelling for "boy".
Taylor: "Look at this gud boye go!"
by Mini Toaster July 22, 2018
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1. (adjective) The state or condition of being a boy.

2. (noun) The male genitalia.
1. “When he shyly took her hand, she was smitten by his sweet boyness.”

2. “As he stood, the bath towel around his waist fell to the floor and revealed his boyness.”
by Syrio Forel May 28, 2020
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The bizarre act of chanting around a bonfire whilst naked on a beach with a tambourine singing Flo Rida, trying to attract a member of the opposite sex, which tends to have a very high success rate.
Boon - Dude, I can't get that girl Kerrie.
Tim - Do a Boyes at the beach tomorrow
Boon - Oh yeah man that'll definitely work...
by Crabman2 June 05, 2010
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Banquet Of Year's End (pronounced "BOYE!"). A banquet of celebration at the end of a school year where people give speeches, make fun of each other and take a large volume of pictures.
Person 1: Hey are you going to BOYE!?
Everyone in earshot: BOYE!
Person 2: Of course.
by HasBeen800 May 01, 2010
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Someone you are cool with but lowkey you know they have a small penis
Liam: Yooo shmeat boye
Person: Yo whats up man
by _Gabe15_ October 05, 2016
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Jammy Boye is a superior human being that has the power to carry Bipty B on Rocket League.
He's also a very big fan of Bob's Ramen
Jammy boye, you're so superior...
Jammy boye, you're such a dumbass
by Jammy Boye December 27, 2018
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if you ever meet her your the most lucky person in the world!!! she is the most loyal and wonderful person. popular, athletic, beautiful, spontaneous, and perfect is how everyone would describe her. when you meet her she is so easy to talk to and we make you feel important. don't be mean though you dont want to make her mad she will beat you the fuck up and you wont get up. and remember if you do make her mad give her a jr chicken and chips and cheese she'll completely forget what made her mad. :)
holy shit thats Mackenzie Boyes!!! she is so pretty!!! i wish i was her friend!!!
by igy you'll never know April 28, 2021
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