South African country, formerly ruled by the Portuguese. Their flag is a neat tweak on the hammer and sickle.
by SovietViking January 18, 2004
A style of Capoeira started by Mestre Pastinha, characterized typically by closer, more cooperative play than Regional.
It seems so slow-moving and easy, but Capoeira Angola is a mental game, very much like Chess.
Eu sou Angoleiro, Angoleiro que eu sou.
by Angoleiro December 5, 2006
Boring and miserable town in Western New York that sucks at everything. Constantly overshadowed by Angola-on-the-lake. Only good for its movie theater, Dan's restaurant, and its proximity to cheap watered-down gasoline on the reservation a few miles away.
Guy from Derby: "I'm from Derby, I'm better than you."

Guy from Angola: "Yeah."
by AmishAmtk January 15, 2012
A country in Africa bordered by Namibia and Botswana to the south,Zambia to the east,the DRC and the republic of the congo to the north,and the atlantic ocean to the west,
Bob:hey wanna go to Angola?
Steve:yeah sure,a poor-ass country in africa that has nothing to see?
by ChocolateMammoth January 31, 2021
A shit school. Sexist staff. Men aren’t aloud to use the bathroom. Girls get away with everything. Filled with slutty girls. Pedophile teachers.
Damn I really never want to go to Angola Middle School
by joe_mamma_101 October 9, 2021
A house of anything but excellence. Torres is the only thing that keeps the school running. Daily devious licks. The boys get away with everything . The girls are fake. Filled with emo furries.
“You went to Angola Middle School?”

“Yeah, I wish I didn’t”
by badussyeater5000 October 10, 2021