To fraudulently sell someone something with a "fuck it" attitude pertaining to when and if they find out how hard they just got their ass stuffed with a fistfull of lies.
That guy just bought the biggest piece of shit in the world and I sold it to him. He got boyded so hard.
by XxDELIVERANCExX February 01, 2015
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boyd is the cutest person you’ll ever met. he is very very very very sweet and addicted to animation. i like a boyd!
boyd is the cutest en sweetest boy each!!!
by helloww December 12, 2019
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To, despite the trials and efforts of a large group of people, have the whole thing botched by one or a small group of idiots.
for examples of a Boyd, see:
Dredd Scott decision
2001-2008 presidency
by Anonickymous July 03, 2008
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he is the stupidest piece of shit you'll ever meet but he can be cool at times
man that guys such a boyd
by Fightmeplz April 20, 2019
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An exclamation of triumph used best when shouted through the halls in inner-city schools. Synonym for "woohoo!"
by Jenny May 15, 2004
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propper noun: a badass motherfucker living in denver colorado.
man, boyd really has the illest steez on the snowboard
by boyd March 10, 2005
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to describe a outlandish lie. Named for a highschool student who would lie about everything. Used to describe any statement that seems false.
Billy told me a boyds the other day, what a liar!
Boyds, stop lying about your age!
by krystie06pcity December 16, 2007
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