Your elbow when used as a weapon or "thrown" to hit some1 upside da nogin. Background: comonnly used by lil jon and the rest of the BME click. comes from the english word elbow. used through out the south. created in the ATL.
"Throwin these bows and bustin these heads" -crime mob, Nuck if you Buck
by ATLs #1 STUNNA June 26, 2004
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A sound effect from early 90s video game, Super Mario World. This particular sound is made when the character, Yoshi regurgitates an enemy out its mouth resulting in a noise resembling the word 'bow.' Can be used in response to just about anything said to you. Occasionally this word has a rippling effect and once triggered by one person can result in a room full of people repeating the word over and over until everyone is in a state of hysteria.
"Hey man what's up?"

"Dude have you heard the latest Ben Folds ep?"
by Aaron Weiss February 10, 2005
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1) A long, flexible and sturdy piece of wood with a string attached in order to fire arrows. Now there are new "Compound Bows" made with metal. Used by skilled marksmen.

2) A ribbon tied in a certain matter for apparel.

3) To bend over to show signs of respect.
1) I shot the adventurer in the knee with my bow. Now he's a city guard.

2) She is wearing a red bow.

3) Bow down, mortal!
by Link998 May 25, 2013
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a curved, bendable piece of wood with a string attached to shoot arrows
by The Wraith November 05, 2003
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To involve one's self in oral sex male of female
by kictodd December 31, 2008
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The only known sound effect universally used by dar dar's* or the black community in general. *see Dar Dar
White guy using a fake gun - Pew Pew Pew!
Black guy also using a fake gun - Bow Bow Bow!
by belgiumsocks October 18, 2010
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