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Boudreau is a last name given to only the hottest and strongest people on earth. Boudreau’s are in love with guns camo and mud. They never back out of a fight and you better not mess with them, they get angry. Boudreau’s are the best
OMG you must be a Boudreau because you’re so hot and strong
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To cancel plans without telling other members of your party; To say you will be somewhere and then not show up. See also Bail.
So did anyone figure out what happened to Ben tonight?
Nope I'm guessing he just Boudreaued on us.
by Dirt.lips April 15, 2009
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(1) an amazing person that everyone wants to be with.
(2) a person who is so cool that others want to be a part of their family.
wow, you're so great and beautiful... you could be a Boudreau!

omgg I wish I was related to you so I can be a Boudreau like you.
by urbandudette017 December 03, 2008
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An somewhat derogatory name for a person who is cajun or creole. Similar in usage to coon ass, but less offensive. Can be used by cajuns to describe themselves, but never the other way around. Typically used as a proper name rather than a generic noun.
Alojzy: Hey, Boudreau! How's it going?
Etienne: Don't ever fucking call me that again you dirty pollock.

John: That guy with the scary alligator head was a real Boudreau.
Jerry: Yeah, man, straight from Swamp People.
by OctaviaEButlerforreal December 29, 2016
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