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A delicious Home made food made by Mothers and Grand mothers. It was originally made in Ukraine and has been made for many years.
Dude I'm hungry.

Here have some borsch

DANG dude this stuff is good!!! O_O
by kordave12 March 18, 2010
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Ukrainian traditional soup based on beetroot, which stains it in red. It is a basic first course in Ukrainian cuisine. Borsch is usually taken as a Russian dish by the other countries, but its origin takes a place in Ukraine. However it is widely used in national cuisines of neighbouring nations like Poles, Lithuanians, Moldovans, Romanians and Belarusians.
To understand Ukrainians you just have to try Borsch.
by vall-e September 23, 2016
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short for abortion. only to be used around guys. and nuns.
Dude 1: Ugh, Stacy accidentally took a multi-vitamin instead of the Plan B pill.
Dude 2: Again? Won't this be her third borsch this month?!
by minnesota0269 May 10, 2008
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