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When a hoe that started from nowhere makes a strategic plan to start sucking off people in power to gain ranking. Bop to the Top is a common thing in today's society. These hoes will do anything to Bop to the top. A hoe will gain financial stability and many followers on Twitter and Instagram while doing so.
Diane: OMG is that a NBA Player?

Kristen: Damn He looks paid!!!

Diane and Kristen Singing in harmony:

Yeah, We're gonna Bop Bop Bop Bop to the Top. Wipe away your Inhibitions.

Example #2

Juliana: OMG is that a new up incoming rapper?

Adrienne: Damn He looks paid!!!

Juliana: Girlll Power Moves Only.

Juliana and Adrienne Sing In Harmony:
Yeah, We're gonna Bop Bop Bop, Bop to the Top. And strut yourself.
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by WilliamSmackedsphere July 09, 2018
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