the latter time of an event, Usually involving its consequences.
news reporter: The "aftermath" of this party seems to consist of two injured persons, a wrecked house, and raging parents.
by foodnut December 13, 2010
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its wierd like the next day after geting high you will suddenly fell high again its like a hangover but its a good thing.If you have never smoked you wouldnt know what im talking about.
dude, i was in school and the aftermath kicked in.
by skr February 28, 2007
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chronic and hash in a blunt
"roll up chronic and hash in a blunt call it aftermath" - the game
by jahking November 25, 2006
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After a very physically demanding athletic practice, you go to a Chipotle, Qdoba, ect. and order a large burrito. While eating this burrito you receive head (a blow job).
Bro, practice was crazy hard yesterday. But atleast I got an aftermath afterwards.
by Forbes Mcdonald December 4, 2009
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The unexpected 'spurt' that comes after you get done rubbing one off. Always comes after you put your pants back on. Usually results in sticky boxers.
The aftermath really messed up my boxers, I had to tell my mom to wash them again.
by Sitting Duck May 7, 2004
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after cupcaking someone, quickly rub your hand a further time upon their nose so they can smell the aftermath.
by czornsley November 13, 2007
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Record label created by Dr. Dre in 1996. Current artists include Eminem, 50 Cent.
Aftermath just signed Stat Quo.
by crc1 March 25, 2006
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