Beautiful, smart, fun, random, the type girl that you can't help but smile around, the girl you always look at first when she's in a crowd. This is a girl with extreme beauty and an amazing personality. The one you look to when lonely, bored, or sad. She is always fun and trustworthy. The type of girl any man could fall for. The one special type of person around you.
"When I'm around Adrienne my heart beats faster and when she acts cute my heart skips a few beats at a time."

"When Adrienne smiles it warms my heart knowing I made the most amazing girl ever happy"
by UnforgottenLove December 15, 2011
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A Adrienne is litteraly the most ginuine and most beautiful person ever. You should respect her because should hold because she know how to comfort and love you unconditionaly.shes super trustworthy and beautiful(Fr tho she's like the baddest bitch alive ). She has the qualities that only an Adrienne can have. A super rare occurrence so you should keep her safe because she is often mislead by people that she is to good for and she doesn't notice. Ily girlll your besti -kandace
"Damn that girl hot, what's her name again"? "Oh that's Adrienne"
"Why is she the best person ever?". "because she's Adrienne "
by Crusty cabbage December 15, 2019
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Amazing, Attractive, tendency to geek out to music and random things, cute, funny, amazing in pretty much anything she touches, awesome kisser, independent but trendy style, AMAZING PERSONALITY!!!
That is totally an Adrienne style.
by SweetStuff03 December 20, 2016
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Awesome, Desirable, Remarkable, Incredible, Entertaining, Nice, Naughty, Extraordinary
by Iamawesome7 August 19, 2011
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Beautiful, honest, fun, cute, always makes you smile, the type of girl you want to kiss every second you can. The girl you want to spend all day with even when you do absolutely nothing. She's mostly perfect in you're mind even if she thinks she's flaw.
Every day I speak to Adrienne my heart beats a bit faster and skips when she acts cute.
by UnforgottenLove December 15, 2011
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Adrienne is somebody who sends butterflies through your stomach. Adrienne is somebody who makes you happy, and makes you feel all fuzzy inside. Adrienne is somebody who will listen to you. Adrienne is somebody who will be there for you. She wants you to be happy. She is loyal, and compassionate, and at the same time is a silly, fun loving goofball that everyone wants to hang out with. She is understanding and supportive, and her qualities make her stand out from everyone else. Adrienne is an example of what the perfect human can be. If you ever find an Adrienne, make sure you cherish them, because the same way you cherish them, they will cherish you a 1000000000 times more.
Wow, Adrienne is so amazing. She is always so funny and awesome to hang around with, and she really is somebody worth having around. She is the best person I know, and I'm so happy she is in my life.
by fuwa November 28, 2020
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A smart, funny, hardworking, goofy, strong, confident, beautiful, girl who has the biggest heart ever. She is someone you can laugh with and get to know easily since she is so carefree. She is someone that can make a bad day into a good day. She has a really bubbly personality and is never afraid to let loose. She is someone who is also a HUGE Iowa State Fan (ISU) GO CYCLONES and cannot stand the Iowa Hawkeyes. She is someone who aspires to love on some Adam Levine. An Adrienne is also someone who is going to make a difference in many people's lives.
Oh girl, you need to be like an Adrienne and get that Hawkeye shirt off before I puke on you.

Dang did you see who Adam Levine is with..? It is that Adrienne type girl.. She is AWESOME!!!!!
by Kelccy June 2, 2013
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