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It's when you use really soft toliet paper to wipe your booty and end up with toilet paper balls between your cheecks.
I was going down on this chick and noticed she had booty balls between her butt cheeks!!! EWWWWW!!!!
by tigolbittiesaz322 July 11, 2010
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A form of 21 basketball which ends with the loser having to bend over and receive a kick from each of the remaining participants. This street basketball game, invented on the east coast, allows for multiple 'tips' each of which places the original shooter in a point deficit. The person with the lowest point total or most amount of zeros resulting from multiple 'tips' grabs either the basketball post or an adjacent object to receive their punishment for losing. It is important to note that the losing player should properly protect their nether-regions as most opponents attempt to bury their kick deep into the recipients back-end. Most participants only lose this game once as the severity of the punishment is a sufficient deterrent to future losses.
Yo-yo-yo! We played booty ball the other day and homeboy here never scored once and got tipped like 3 times which means he got quadruple zero! Since he forgot to cup himself, I sent his junk up his throat with my kick!
by Str8 outta Argonne Hills March 08, 2008
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A #1 guard buzz cut hair style where the hair is cut all off with clippers.

Made popular in Pine Hills Florida in the early 90's.
Man you see Gerald's new cut... Kid went and got the straight Booty Ball!
by Koolaid from Pine Hillz May 16, 2008
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