Sexyness, a beautiful woman, awesomeness, bomb ass booty
l. sa3mkhoun is my sweet cheecks
by UBS May 2, 2007
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Trash at a game (me and my friends version)
by UhhBoi September 22, 2018
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a girl with a pimply ass, or a very greasy/not pleasing to appearance kind of ass. the word is put together to imply the person needs to put some noxema or some other type of facial creame on those cheecks!!!!
"you saw that stripper? eww gross with her noxema cheecks!"
by vlesh May 1, 2008
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when a male inserts all 10 toes inside a females vagina.
my friend likes to do j clapp cheecks when he gets horny.
-j.w., m.b.
by jesse mike January 10, 2009
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nigga1: Last night i was with ashley.
nigga2: Did you crack cheecks?
nigga1: Hell yea!
by hood08 August 8, 2008
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To have such a fat ass from no matter which position you take it is viewable.
That cat is double cheecked up gawd dam
by 2xcheeckmaster May 5, 2022
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