Describing a guy who has won victory, usually with a girl. Hook ups between a guy and a girl are usually what lead to the use of "he made it". In most scenarios, the guy has wanted to hook up with that girl for a long time, or the girl is just really hot.
"Yo, did you hear? Kevin hooked up with Sarah last night!"
"Hot Sarah?"
"Dude, he made it!"
by englishbreed8765 October 31, 2014
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A phrase used to articulate feelings of immense loathing of someone that is known for unintelligent or troublesome actions. The phrase being used when a particular action comes into play. Usually followed by a facepalm.

Origin: First used in season 4 of "Futurama", episode 68 - "Obsoletely Fabulous". Bender, because of his new found hatred for advanced technology, has had a downgrade, making him a wooden, steam-powered robot. Bender enters the scene and Leela immediately exclaims "Oh brother, he's made of wood."
Leroy: "Is that Clyde over there?"

Jeff: "Dammit, I think so. What's he up to this time?"

Clyde: "Hey Jeff! Check it out! I found this guy down at the hospital on 42nd street! He seems pretty cool! Check out his cool bracelet!"

Leroy: "Isn't that 'hospital' a personal care home for the mentally ill?"

Jeff: "Oh brother, he's made of wood."
by Colt Guthrie July 10, 2010
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A line used by Paul Wall in the hit song “Still Tippin
“Michael Watts he made me hot. Hard Work took me to the top.”
by badddthottie April 7, 2018
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