anything fun that usually involves something you haven't done before with the most fun friends you know.
I had a bull riding extravaganza last night!
by ~prettaylady~ July 10, 2009
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A word used too frequently to describe the use of more than one technological device for a particular presentation.
"Did Hackay say we were having a multimedia extravaganza today? I'm totally skipping class."

"Two slides in a slide show hardly constitutes an extravaganza."
by PopCultureFanny December 12, 2004
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Person:1 Dude did you see that chick!?
Person:2 Yeah she just had an Extravaganza!
by RedX7293 February 4, 2012
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A party so epic that absolutely no one can describe it other than using terms such as "you had to be there", "you wouldn't believe me if I told you" or "it was like something right out of a movie".
- So he STOLE the taxi while the driver was downstairs playing beruit?!!

- YEAH!!! Then dropped the keys in his pocket and said, "you left it running chief".... That whole night was just one fabuloosoishis extravaganza!
by SalmonStreet April 29, 2011
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A party or festival of epic proportions that usually ends in disbelief or embarrassment during the following day or days to come. See 'Shit Show'.
This party is going to be one hell of a Fecal Extravaganza!
by ///illertime August 29, 2011
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When you rip someone’s intestines out though their anal tube.
I don’t like Judy but she is very attractive, might as well have an anal extravaganza with that hoe.
by _roach.killer_ August 6, 2019
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(fill in blank) This term can be used everyday of the year, the first word can be replaced with pretty much anything! If it was EXTRAVAGANT, you can use it.
‘I just got back from Vegas, it was “Drunken Extravaaganza 2007” we had a blast!’
‘I went to a club the other day and lets just say it was “Sexy Bitchez Extravaganza 2007”!’
‘I’m trying to do my homework and all I seem to hear outside is “Gardener Extravaganza 2007”, it’s kinda hard to concentrate.’

_______ Extravaganza 2007!!! try it it's fun
by Shantal Arechederra November 28, 2007
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