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Laughlin is a lovely name given to sweet, caring and loving boys. there are many laughlins but the one i am describing is the ultimate laughlin. he is a beautiful person with a big heart and just him being there gives you strength and hope. if you feel you are strong, its only because of his presence in your life. he gives you a reason to smile because he is the one making you smile. He is a strong boy who can overcome anything because his heart is overflowing with love, sincerity and care. Laughlins are so stunning in appearance that their perfect girl, a Shereena, can't help but gaze at them all day long. He has beautiful milk chocolate eyes, a lovely smile and a muscular body which Shereena feels very safe in. Shereena's love everything about Laughlins and always will. Laughlin is a kind, gentle, very intelligent and humble boy who everyone chooses to go to for advice and to enjoy his delightful company. One word sums Laughlin up and that is Laughlinperfectified.
girl 1: he is soo kind and gorgeous! who is he?
girl 2: his name is Laughlin and he's shereena's boyfriend!
girl 1: she's so lucky to have him
shereena enters: trust me... i know right, the luckiest... he's a perfect honey!
by hugsgalore July 01, 2010
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a bush having trailer park living in librarians and often have no arms or legs due to inbreeding. always white because the black laughlins are usually killed and eaten at special creimonies where malay's can fufill their rape obsessed fantasies.
god i love the laughlins
by kayleigh laughlin August 15, 2008
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