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The legal definition of "Sex on Legs", turns on any homo-sapien within the region of 10km. Whether it be a male or a female they are instantly charmed and follow this sex God to his immense pants with a big bulge. Women are seen to be hobbling as they exit his mansion possibly from the deep butt anal.
Anna: "Hey have you seen Margaret? She seems to be sore near her rectum."
Elly: "Aww she must have seen Bolger again..."

"Man that guy is such a Bolger"
by EarthquakesEverywhere July 22, 2013
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1. the cause of all the worlds problems
2. the cause of all of your problems
3. what you scream when you are angry or if something bad happens to you.
"the genocide in Dar fur"
"the docter tells you that you got aids"
"you fail a final"
by bolgerhater January 23, 2009
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Incredibly boring individual, usually an older female
There have been 4 recorded cases of student deaths because of that annoying Bolger.
by KEC127 December 10, 2007
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After a street in Wagga Wagga Australia... Not a nice area, describes a individual whom comes from a run down, lower class area.
That guy is such a bolger
by Greg Warwick May 30, 2006
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