No, "bubble tea" is the Americanized way of saying it. No, it is not gross. It is a flavored tea drink originated in Taiwan that usually contains tapioca "pearls", aka the Boba. You suck the drink through a large straw so you can eat the Boba too. There are also "popping boba", which is simply a small bubble around a burst of juice that well, pops easily in your mouth.
by Lil_Weirdo_ July 23, 2019
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The act of blowing a full load in a partners mouth, then proceeding to make them hold it to allow enough time to also stick exclusively your balls toward the bottom of the semen. Swallowing isn't optional, its a must.
Guy 1: Dude! I served my asian babe a Boba Tea last night!
Guy 2: Really? What did she say?
Guy 1: It was a little something like "huucchhuchhguhh"
by SockHarbor August 03, 2019
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The act of fully placing a flaccid penis and balls into ones mouth and gently gumming the testicles.
Rick is giving Dave a gentle boba tea.
by kungfumelissa September 30, 2017
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LITERALLY THE BEST DRINK IN DA WORLD, with deliciouso tapioca. Originated from the Awesome Country a.k.a. Taiwan. And not China.
Boba tea is great, you should try it.
by hp_bobalina July 13, 2021
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Why be an ABG when you can be a #BTB! Coined by the Asian American Parody Pop Idol, Arigato Grande, Boba Tea Bitch means a hot, badass woman who does not take shit from ANYONE. They crush stereotypes and destroy ridiculous expectations placed on Asian women. They are not submissive or quiet, they will make a scene if it's for the right cause, and they will step on anyone who gets in their way.
Oh dude, she's such an ABG.
Bruh don't get it twisted, ABG's are so last year, it's Boba Tea Bitch now
Oh shit u right dude #BTB for LYFEEE
by averyssomeone January 28, 2020
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